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Something different this week: X-WEAR THROUGH THE AGES!

Who hasn’t put A LOT of thought into what uniform they’d get to wear when their mutant powers manifest? I know I’m not alone here! What’s your favorite?

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-'Cause I can't stop time you keep blurring in my mind.

Just a cute little somethin’ for all you HalBarry fans out there!


-'Cause I can't stop time you keep blurring in my mind.

Just a cute little somethin’ for all you HalBarry fans out there!

The greater part of the Friends of the A B C were students, who were on cordial terms with the working classes. Here are the names of the principal ones. They belong, in a certain measure, to history: Enjolras, Combeferre, Jean Prouvaire, Feuilly, Courfeyrac, Bahorel, Lesgle or Laigle, Joly, Grantaire.

These young men formed a sort of family, through the bond of friendship.

Victor Hugo, Les Miserables, vol. III, book IV, chapter I.  ”A Group which barely missed becoming Historic”

"formed a sort of family, through the bond of friendship", though. I honestly wish more people remembered that part when writing about them. It’s such an important part of who Les Amis are, as a group - Hugo even takes care of telling us this right after naming them, before introducing them personally one by one. “A family through the bond of friendship” - they all loved each other so much, and sure, it’s hard write nine characters, each with their own personal bond with eight others, but it makes me sad when that family that they formed is ignored in favour of focusing solely on pairings, forgetting about the interaction with the others, or pushing back the others into secondary, unimportant roles. 

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Looking After You - A HalOllie fic


School what school

“You couldn’t stand it, could you?”

Dinah was leaning against the door of the room, all in black, her body wilting in a way that told Hal she was far more than slightly drunk (and still standing in those heels, god bless her).  He had been going to leave – Barry and Clark were  handling the clearing up, and there was no further comfort he could offer here – but he’d come down to Ollie’s shooting range instead. He’d been almost sure, in some subconscious space, that he’d find something important down there – a letter detailing all the things he needed to hear, or even Ollie himself, giggling in his hiding place. “Come on, Hal, you didn’t really think I’d shuffled off the mortal coil yet, did you? The Second Funeral of Oliver Queen – it sounds like the title of a fucking musical.”

All he’d found were the blank eyed targets staring back at him in their rows – and now Dinah, wine bottle in one hand a piece of paper he couldn’t see in the other.

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fallacyfinale asked: HalBarry,"I can't walk."


This is also for frostbyte13 and capeandcowl since they also prompted me for this one. XD  Still writing the other prompts though.



“Why are you still here with me?”

Barry looked up from his notes scattered across the table, to his boyfriend sitting in the adjoining living room.  The question had been asked so quietly that he almost didn’t catch it.  “What?”

Hal bowed his head and looked away from the speedster, ringless fingers clutching at knees.

Barry knew that look, and as quick as lighting he was kneeling in front of his boyfriend, hand’s grasping his.  He pried them from their death grip on the joints and turned them over, placing a kiss on each palm.  “I’m not going anywhere, Hal.”

The pilot still refused to look at Barry.  Brown eyes were squeezed shut, trying to fight back the tears threatening to fall again.  “Why?  I mean how can you even stand to be near me?  I can’t walk; I can’t even feel a good majority of my legs anymore.  I’m just a useless bur-“

“No.”  Barry reached up and grasped Hal’s face between his hands, forcing him to look at Barry.  “Now you listen here, Harold Jordan.  You are not useless.  And you’re certainly not a burden to me or anyone else for that matter.”

“Tell that to the Guardians.”  Hal muttered.

“If that’s what the Guardians’ think then they can go suck it.”  That got Hal to crack a small smile, which in turn made Barry smile.  He wiped his thumbs across Hal’s cheeks, removing any evidence of tears.  “Besides, you’re only on medical leave.  They haven’t kicked you from the Green Lanterns.”

“Yet.”  Hal added, hands fiddling with his legs again. 


“It’s true Bear.  Soranik said she barely managed to stop the infection from spreading to the rest of my body-”

“She’s also said there’s a good chance to reverse the damage done.”

“A small chance.  The Corps don’t want a wheelchair bound Lantern.”

Barry let out a sigh of frustration.  “Hal, what part of being a Lantern requires you to walk?”

The brunette looked down at him with a perplexed look, blinking slowly.  “Uh….”

“Do you have to walk to Oa?  Or fight Sinestro’s Corps standing on the ground?”

“No, I fl-“  Hal cut himself off, back straightening as he looked at Barry with wide eyes.  A very Hal like grin started spreading across the brunette’s face.

“Ah, and the light bulb finally went off in that cobweb filled head of yours.”  The speedster chuckled as his got a good natured punch in the arm.  “What I was getting at Hal, is that you’re not useless.  As long as you have the will you will always be a Green Lantern.”

Hal wore a sheepish grin as he lean forward and placed his head on Barry’s shoulder, clutching at the other man’s biceps with his hands.  “I-I never thought about it like that.”

A soft chuckle escaped Barry’s lips; he planted a light kiss on the Hal’s jaw as he threaded his fingers through chestnut colored hair.  “Of course you didn’t, that’s what you have me for.”

“And….and will you always be here?”

“Always and forever.”

“Even if I can never walk again?”

“Even if you can never walk again.”

Hal fell silent, slowly breathing in Barry’s scent.  “What if…”


“What if, for some strange reason, I can no longer have sex?”

Barry blinked a few times, a blonde eyebrow rising towards his hairline.  “Uh…last I checked that was working just fine.   How did we go from my being with you to my ‘being with you’?”

“Because.  Would you still be with me if we couldn’t have sex?”

“Yes,” Barry said without any hesitation.

“Even if your body is screaming at you for some kind of release and if you don’t you’d go insane?”

“Seriously, Hal?”


“If it comes to that I’ll just use my hand.”

“…….Can I watch?”


In the End, the Road Home Leads to You


Hal preferred battles to calm. Victories gave him a rush unlike any other. With his ring ablaze, his Green Lantern uniform on, he felt he stood for something larger than himself.

Barry preferred calm to battles. Tranquility was a hard thing to come by with the life he led. When his nose was in a book or there were items to investigate at the lab, he felt he had a life to return to after his time in the scarlet suit.

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The serums amplified Steve & Bucky’s feelings for each other




Dr. Erskine:

“The serum amplifies everything that is inside, so good becomes great; bad becomes worse.”

I’ve been thinking about this fantastic post that discusses the scientific effects of the super-soldier serum on Steve Rogers’s brain.  It’s based on info from the Avengers exhibit in Times Square, and what it concludes is that after the serum, “Steve just feels more.” Because of the changes to his amygdala, everything Steve felt would have been amplified – joy, pain, loyalty, all of it. What this made me realize is:

The serum would have increased everything Steve felt for Bucky.

Whether you ship the idea of a romantic connection between those two or not, Steve loved Bucky. Bucky was his person, 100%, ‘til the end of the line. They’d spent most of a lifetime developing love and loyalty and friendship. Steve might have had some hero worship going on, because Bucky was everything he wanted to be: strong, able to fight for the little guys, charming, loyal. But once he got hit with Erskine’s serum, everything – every one of those feelings – would have been amped up, magnified. If Bucky was his person before the serum, afterwards, Bucky would have been everything. This is why Steve was willing to risk his life, to disobey orders, to hop in a Jeep and go chasing across Europe by himself to rescue the man. There was never a possibility he could do otherwise, because every bit of love he’d built up over a lifetime was driving him forward.

The serum amplified all of Steve’s feelings, and his love and loyalty for Bucky would have become absolute devotion.



But Bucky got Zola’s version.

Whatever Zola did to Bucky before Steve rescued him, it was already acting upon him in fundamental ways – otherwise, there’s no way Bucky could have survived the fall from the train. But what if Zola’s version tended to increase the negative feelings more? I feel like we see some of this in the bar scene, when Bucky complains, “I’m invisible.” Sure, he’s joking, but he’s being pretty hurtful and taunting about how Steve had been treated in the past.

Maybe Bucky had always been a little envious of Steve, envious of the goodness he saw in Steve that he believed he, himself, didn’t possess. And now Steve has all of that inner perfection but has the outer shell to match; he’s caught up to Bucky in the one area where Bucky ever believed he had even the slightest advantage over Steve. And Bucky’s slight twinge of envy becomes a hot streak of jealousy.

Maybe Bucky isn’t feeling jealous, but possessive. Steve has always been his, exclusively – Bucky’s the only one who ever recognized his value. To Bucky, Steve was like that secret spot you find where you can sit and watch the sunrise in perfect isolation; only suddenly the rest of the world has discovered his secret place. With his feelings amplified, Peggy’s interest in Steve might have hit Bucky like a physical blow, because he’s being forced to share his Steve with everyone, just when he desperately needs him the most. And all Bucky can do is lash out – at Steve, who brought this on by taking the serum.


Or maybe, Bucky is truly angry. Because he’s just been through hell and he’s nowhere near recovered – look at the disheveled uniform, and the fact that he’s sitting alone tossing back drinks while the rest of the Commandos party and sing in the other room. He’s survived torture, and then Captain America sits down and asks him to rejoin the fight. And because of the serum…he can’t say no. His love and loyalty for Steve have always been stronger than fear; he’d take on any challenge to protect Steve. Now, even though the fear has been increased, so have the other feelings. Maybe, with the serum running through his veins, he literally can’t say no. Maybe he tries - his first response is “Hell no,” but he can’t stick with that, because he has to protect Steve. So maybe Bucky is angry – that he can’t make himself walk away – and hurt, that Steve even asked this of him. And all he can do in that moment is try to hurt Steve, too.

But what if it’s not a negative feeling being amped up? Maybe (hello, Stucky shippers!) what we’re seeing is Bucky’s reaction to all the love he feels for Steve being amplified out of control. Because Bucky has always tucked those feelings away; buried anything but brotherly affection, not about to taint Steve with feelings that Bucky has decided are dark and wicked. With the serum, he can’t deny it anymore, can’t hide from what he feels, what he wants. He tries drinking, and it’s not enough. Maybe he’s afraid he’s given himself away, by telling Steve he’ll follow him anywhere. So he tries flirting with Peggy, but it fails, because even she can see how magnificent Steve is, and Bucky’s heart wasn’t really in it anyways. Then Bucky does the only thing that makes sense to him – he tries to be mean, to push Steve away before Steve figures out that Bucky wants so much more from him than he ought to.


It’s heartbreaking to think of Steve and Bucky’s feelings for each other being amplified by the serums they’ve been given.

Because it just makes it that much more painful that Steve has to watch Bucky fall. That Bucky falls knowing he won’t be able to protect Steve any longer. That all of their feelings for each other – love and loyalty and respect and devotion – have been increased, and their ability to feel anguish and loss has increased right along with it. The serums made Steve and Bucky more fully themselves, amplified everything that made them who they were – and at the core, what made these two was each other.


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